The Rise of Back Kitchens

Homeowners don’t have to choose between being a part of the party and having the mess of throwing a party on full display. Through the latest design innovations from AR Homes®, homeowners can now enjoy the best of both worlds with “back kitchens.” The concept of a back kitchen serves as a convenient and functional space where hosts can prepare meals, store appliances, and wash dishes – all behind closed doors. This additional area can be tucked away from the main kitchen and provides a more thoughtful design.

Additionally, AR Homes® back kitchens can provide homeowners with more flexibility in their design and style. For instance, they can utilize bold colors, unique lighting, and graphic tiles to create a more vibrant and bolder look. Glass front kitchen cabinets can also be utilized to store cooking equipment and appliances. Homeowners are free to add unique design features such as a coffee bar or wine storage room to their back kitchen to best suit their lifestyle and needs.

Serving as its own destination in the home, the back kitchen is quickly becoming one of contemporary homes’ most popular features and a sought-after design element for AR Homes® homeowners. Thoughtfully created to enhance daily living and inspire elevated entertaining, the back kitchen is an innovation bringing practical luxury to the modern home.

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