Viento model home kitchen

Redefining the Heart of the Home

AR Homes® recognizes the evolving needs of contemporary homeowners and is dedicated to designing homes that cater to their unique lifestyle preferences.

The kitchen earned its title as the “heart of the home” in the 1980s for a good reason. Once considered a small and secluded area, kitchens have undergone significant changes in the last 50 years, transitioning into central and inviting spaces for cooking and gathering.

As kitchens started to take a more prominent role in home design, builders and homeowners discovered innovative ways to incorporate lifestyle preferences into their kitchen designs. Homebuilders and designers have placed significant emphasis on the kitchen, recognizing that it has become the central hub of the home, shaped by the homeowner’s stylistic preferences and lifestyle needs.

Today’s homeowners are increasingly looking for flexible, adaptable spaces that can be customized to meet their unique lifestyle needs. They want living areas that can serve multiple purposes, from cooking and dining to entertaining and relaxing. As such, homebuilders are rethinking the traditional kitchen layout and exploring innovative new designs that can accommodate these changing needs.


Although open floor plans were pioneered by AR Homes® decades ago and remain a popular choice, homeowners are now challenging builders to reimagine these spaces with greater flexibility. Homeowners can now work with AR Homes®’ design team to explore the relationship between the kitchen, dining room, and great room, resulting in innovative designs that cater to a wider range of lifestyle needs and desires.

AR Homes®’ floor plan designs are influenced by the varied home experiences of its customers, with a focus on the heart of the home and its relationship with adjoining spaces.  Presenting a range of configurations between the kitchen, dining room, and great room, these unique “lifestyle layouts” offer homeowners the power to select a floor plan that best supports their family’s preferences and use it as a foundation to personalize the home.

One of the unique “lifestyle layouts” presented by AR Homes® places the kitchen at the back of the house and highlights it as a prominent feature. You can explore this further by viewing the Viento model home. This design is perfect for individuals who enjoy frequent cooking and entertaining, as it allows for a smooth transition between the kitchen and outdoor living spaces, enabling guests to move effortlessly throughout the home. Improved sight lines between the central and outdoor areas also allow homeowners to enjoy the company of friends and family while preparing meals.

Another lifestyle design available from AR Homes® includes a linear floor plan that places the kitchen between the great room and dining room. You can explore this design further by viewing the Elliston model home. This layout provides homeowners with more privacy when desired while still maintaining a sense of connection with those in the adjoining spaces. Large sliding glass doors enhance the integration between the interior and outdoor living areas. This floor plan is perfect for hosting, with dedicated areas for cooking, dining, and entertaining, all seamlessly transitioning into each other.

AR Homes® continues to innovate by redefining the heart of the home as a flexible and versatile space that can be customized to suit any homeowner’s lifestyle preferences. This thoughtful reimagining of the primary living space as a place where homeowners can work, play, gather, create, and grow together in harmony invites endless opportunities for daily inspiration.