AR Homes by Arthur Rutenberg Custom Home Builder

Interior Design Trends Shaping AR Homes® in 2024 

AR Homes® remains at the forefront of interior design trends, creating luxurious living spaces that exude sophistication and elegance. In line with this commitment, the latest designs incorporate various trends intended to enhance the interiors of homes.


The combination of trendy metals such as silver, gold, and dark bronze with wood creates a captivating interplay of textures and tones. Liquid metals, referring to a decorative technique where a metallic finish, resembling the appearance of molten or flowing metal, is applied to furniture surfaces, adds a modern twist to traditional materials and enhances this blend. Wood and metal are materials that sit at opposite ends of the texture spectrum, each contributing a unique feel. Wood, known for its inherent warmth, can soften an interior and add comfort. In contrast, liquid metals introduce an element of fluidity, providing a cool, sleek edge that can bring a modern and industrial vibe to a space, while still harmonizing with the warmth of the wood. 


Incorporating reeded and tambour details adds depth to furniture and architectural elements. Whether showcased on cabinetry, doors, or furniture accents, these intricate features enhance visual interest and tactile appeal in any space.  


This current trend focuses on using lighter wood over cool gray tones, opting for warmer hues instead. AR Homes® interior designers incorporate this approach by combining the warmth of lighter wood with complementary furniture tones, incorporating darker elements for enhanced depth. From hardwood floors, kitchen designs, and furniture selections, the emphasis is on lighter woods and bleached finishes in warmer tones.  


One trend that has emerged is the use of bouclé fabrics which brings a sense of tactile luxury and visual warmth, transforming spaces into inviting retreats that are both stylish and comfortable. Cathi Lane, Director of Interior Design at AR Franchising, Inc., describes it as “teddy bear soft fabric that is everywhere!” This plush material adds character and depth to furniture pieces effortlessly. With its wide array of neutral and vibrant colors, Bouclé fabric creates a harmonious blend of textures when paired with travertine accents and soft curves. 


Fur provides warmth, opulence, and stylish charm to any home. Whether used as throw blankets, chair cushions, area rugs, bedding, ottomans, or accent pillows, fur introduces layers of texture and interest to the space. This enhances the overall atmosphere, creating a cozy and inviting room. 


The Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year, Upward, a pale blue hue, is ideal for bedrooms as it creates a sense of spaciousness. It pairs well with natural elements like lighter wood tones and woven textures. Complementary colors include Sherwin-Williams Snowbound, Drift of Mist, Gale Force, and a variety of other colors. For added depth, consider incorporating a loden earthy green, perfect for complementing reed textures. 


Lighting trends in 2024 embrace an organic modern aesthetic, featuring elegant curves and intersecting designs. AR Homes® designers incorporate lighter wood fixtures in the space to add a touch of sophistication, blending modern design with organic shapes, serving both functional and decorative purposes.  

By embracing these design trends, AR Homes® interior designers continue to redefine luxury living, crafting spaces that reflect timeless elegance and contemporary flair.