Custom Home Builders

Discover True Personalization with AR Homes® 

Our customers value the ability to personalize their living spaces with skilled local builders and award-winning designers. Each customer seeks a custom floor plan that reflects their character, personality and lifestyle. 

Your Personalized Homebuilding Journey 

A Personalized Floor Plan from AR Homes® is a custom-designed floor plan tailored specifically to the homeowner’s preferences. Unlike generic blueprints, our personalized floor plans capture the individuality of our homebuyers by allowing them to select from any of our award-winning home designs and customize it to fit their lifestyle. We can visualize your ideas in 3D, showing exactly where your customizations will occur and how the home will suit your needs. 

The Personalized Floor Plan Process

1. Initial Design Consultation: Understanding Your Vision 

Customers meet with our expert designers during their initial design consultation, where they learn more about the customers’ vision, lifestyle, family needs, and personal tastes. This ensures that every detail of their future home aligns with what matters most to them. 

2. Custom Design Phase: Bringing Your Ideas to Life 

Once your requirements are clear, the creative team transforms your ideas into a preliminary floor plan design, incorporating your feedback every step of the way. To bring the idea to life, the team creates detailed interior 3D renderings, allowing you to see your custom home from every angle. 

3. Refinement and Approval: Perfecting the Details 

This process allows for adjustments and enhancements so that every detail meets your expectations. During this stage, the builder provides a comprehensive quote to ensure transparency and, if necessary, create a custom elevation for your home. The builder’s goal is to ensure transparency at every stage of the process, leading to customer satisfaction. 

4. Finalization and Construction: Turning Dreams into Reality 

Once the homebuyer agrees to the floor plan design, it is finalized, and the detailed process of creating construction documents and obtaining permits begins. Throughout this phase, the builder maintains open communication, keeping you informed and involved as your dream home takes shape. 

Choosing AR Homes® means an unmatched opportunity to create your home with a custom Personalized Floor Plan. Each plan reflects our commitment to individuality and customization because no two homes should be alike. Build a space that truly embodies your personality, lifestyle, and dreams.