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Celebrating Excellence: AR Homes® Sarasota (Nelson Homes, Inc.) Wins Builder of the Year  

AR Homes® Sarasota (Nelson Homes, Inc.) has been honored as the 2024 Builder of the Year at the inaugural Builder Summit Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas. 

AR Homes® Sarasota (Nelson Homes, Inc.) has established itself as a cornerstone franchise within our network of custom home builders over the years. Their consistent excellence has earned them repeated recognition, including the prestigious Builder of the Year award, which they’ve now won for the fifth time. This honor speaks volumes about their dedication to exceptional customer satisfaction, strong leadership, and impressive accomplishments.

Some of the key factors that have contributed to AR Homes® Sarasota (Nelson Homes, Inc.) success in winning the Builder of the Year award include their commitment to personalized luxury, quality, and exceptional customer satisfaction. Ashley Miller, President of AR Homes® Sarasota (Nelson Homes, Inc.), highlights the significance of prioritizing customer satisfaction throughout the building process. She emphasizes, “From start to finish, our team collaborates seamlessly on every home, aiming to surpass customer expectations and deliver the highest quality homes. This approach played a pivotal role in securing the Building of the Year award.” 

Moving forward, the Sarasota team plans to leverage this recognition and award to bolster the quality and reputation of AR Homes® in their local market. According to Miller, “We’ve received congratulations from both existing and potential customers, reinforcing our already solid reputation. This will open new opportunities for us to expand our presence in emerging communities.” 

We’re excited to see AR Homes® Sarasota (Nelson Homes, Inc.) carry this honor forward, setting the bar even higher in the custom home building industry.