Your Order Has Arrived

Homeowners are looking for convenient household solutions to ensure orders arrive safely. The recently introduced Home Delivery Centers by AR Homes® may just be one of the unique custom homes features you need.

The AR Homes® design team recently introduced Home Delivery Centers, that enable safe and convenient home deliveries. Home Delivery Centers are fully integrated storage rooms designed for contactless delivery and feature a temperature-controlled space with a refrigerator to store any perishables. Knowing their packages have been safely placed inside, homeowners can go about their day without the worry of missing a delivery or food spoiling.

The entrance to AR Homes’® Home Delivery Centers is designed to blend seamlessly into the home’s façade. Homeowners simply provide the delivery service with a one-time-use code, allowing for the safe, secure, and simple delivery of packages, restaurant orders, or groceries.

Learn more about the Home Delivery Centers here or schedule an appointment today to discuss this feature with an AR Homes® sales consultant.