The Best Places to Call Home in 2024   

Navigating the search for the perfect custom home unveils a wealth of options across the diverse landscapes of the United States. According to Houzeo’s 7 Best Places to Live in 2024, AR Homes® proudly builds in three of the standout locations. Our network of local builders eagerly awaits to create the custom home you’ve always dreamed of in these thriving regions.  

Raleigh, NC: Innovation and Quality of Life   

Situated within the vibrant Research Triangle Park, better known locally as “The Triangle”, Raleigh offers settled professionals and their families a blend of Southern charm, a welcoming community, and diverse cultural experiences. Renowned for its excellent educational opportunities, the city provides a nurturing environment for families. Its various neighborhoods cater to different lifestyle preferences, blending suburban tranquility with urban vibrancy. Raleigh’s cultural attractions, thriving arts scene, and abundant outdoor activities ensure a fulfilling and balanced life for residents. Embracing green spaces and surrounded by natural landscapes, Raleigh extends a warm invitation to settled professionals seeking a family-centric community entrenched in the charm of the South. 

Discover our two premier AR Homes builders within the Raleigh real estate market, AR Homes® Raleigh (Monterey Bay Raleigh, LLC) and AR Homes® Raleigh (Hearthstone Luxury Homes).  

Sarasota, FL: Coastal Beauty and Vibrant Culture 

Sarasota, located along Florida’s Gulf Coast, is a multifaceted gem. Its exquisite beaches, thriving arts community, and deep cultural roots create a dynamic tapestry of experiences. Whether you are drawn to its sun-kissed shores or the vibrant art scene, this city caters to diverse passions. Sarasota’s serene ambiance and abundant amenities make it an ideal destination for those looking to savor the joys of their golden years in a vibrant, coastal environment, notably holding an attraction for retirees seeking a serene yet engaging lifestyle. Moreover, the neighboring evolution of Lakewood Ranch, a premier community, further enriches the region. It is not just a growing town but a burgeoning hub offering expanded residential options and a blossoming cultural landscape, adding depth and variety to the area. 

Visit AR Homes® Sarasota (Nelson Homes, Inc.) to explore Sarasota’s diverse offerings – find your ideal coastal custom home among exquisite beaches, vibrant arts, and a thriving community for your golden years’ enjoyment.  

Naples, FL: Luxury Living in Natural Beauty 

Nestled in Southwest Florida, Naples epitomizes luxury living with upscale amenities, golf courses, and fine dining. Its coastal charm exudes sophistication, offering perfect beaches and swaying palm trees for a haven of relaxation. This coastal gem not only blends opulence with nature’s beauty but also caters to those seeking a refined, tranquil lifestyle. Additionally, its allure extends to being an excellent area for retirement, owing to its serene ambiance, healthcare facilities, and a vibrant cultural scene. 

Contact AR Homes® Naples (ARBC Corp) to explore luxurious coastal living – find your perfect custom home amidst upscale amenities, serene beaches, and refined tranquility today.

From the vibrant innovation of Raleigh, North Carolina, to the rich cultural palette and coastal opulence of Sarasota and Naples, Florida, each locale paints a unique portrait of luxurious living. These landscapes promise an exceptional blend of innovation, cultural richness, and natural splendor, crafting a tapestry of extraordinary living. At AR Homes®, our passion is crafting luxury custom homes that seamlessly embody the essence of these thriving regions.