Kkids, Inc. receives $52,500 check from Lyons Housing, LLC; A.R.B.C. Corp.

Fort Myers, FL (April 26, 2023) – A donation impacting the lives of two people making a difference to children. That was the unmistakable reaction from Karen and Bruce Scott after they received $52,500 from Building Better Lives for the non-profit, Kkids Inc., which helps keep children that are in distress, safe.

Building Better Lives is a collaborative venture created 22 years ago by John Globetti, president of A.R.B.C. Corporation, and Bobby Lyons, owner of Lyons Housing, LLC. The pair also serve as AR Homes franchisees and Arthur Rutenberg home builders. The check was presented on April 21, at the Lyons home by John Globetti, Bobby Lyons, Lyons’ wife, Norma Lyons, and Lyons Housing President, Tim Rose. Kkids board members, family, and friends were those of which who were in attendance.

For the Scotts, this money is a godsend to help them care for the nine children currently living in their three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in North Fort Myers. The children come from foster homes and other places and stay under the care of the Scotts. In fact, the Scotts have adopted many of the children, and are preparing to adopt another – an infant born with a drug addiction. The Scotts, board members, and other volunteers help families with housing assistance, find vehicles and appliances for low-income, single-parent families, as well as home repairs.

“We are the lucky ones,” Karen Scott told the gathering. “We feel invisible sometimes. We are at home. Parents of these children get arrested, the children have no one to go to. God put us on their radar.”

The not-for-profit Building Better Lives has raised more than $750,000 for various charities. The 2008 recession created certain financial challenges for the organization until this year when it was revived and Kkids was chosen as the beneficiary.

“Years ago, Bobby and I said, ‘this is our community, we have been fortunate, and we wanted to give back to local organizations where we could have an impact,” Globetti said. “With Kkids, when you read the stories of the lives they are impacting, it tugs at your heartstrings. It is about the well-being of these children who are not responsible for their circumstances. Choosing an organization which deals with kids was the natural choice.”

And at the Scotts’ home, each day life is full of challenges, but also blessings. The Scotts have helped approximately 40 children since the organization was created in 2000. Many have found hope and successful careers. For those still at house, it is one large loving family that shares meals together with as many as 18 people around the table on some nights. “We make room for whoever shows up,” Bruce Scott said. They attend church each Sunday as a family – all of it leading to pathways and building better lives.