Embracing the Future of Luxury Homebuilding: A 70-Year Journey of Excellence

C.R. Herro is the visionary CEO of AR Franchising, Inc. With a focus on technology, talent, and partnerships, he leads the nation’s largest luxury homebuilding franchising company into the future. Inspired by founder Art Rutenberg, Herro’s strategic direction ensures excellence, innovation, and a trusted partnership with homeowners and builders. 

What inspired you to become part of the homebuilding industry?  

The positive impact inherent within the homebuilding industry has always inspired me, and AR Homes® embodies the very essence of excellence. Our brand has been synonymous with innovation, outstanding design, and exceptional customer care. Joining AR Homes® and working to ensure we deliver high standards and provide builder enablement is fulfillment of my intentions to elevate the potential of the homebuilding industry.  

Can you tell us how you feel the leadership of founder, Art Rutenberg, has impacted the organization? 

It is impossible to separate Art Rutenberg from AR Homes®. Art’s visionary leadership has had a profound impact on our organization. His unwavering commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and attention to detail has shaped our DNA. The innovation, pursuit of excellence, commitment to people, and standard of design reflect the man’s character and professionalism, and the culture, purpose, and tactics of the resulting company embody those ideals and pursuits. 

Art Rutenberg started building homes 70 years ago. How does the company’s history inform its current strategy and operations? 

The remarkable legacy founded by Art instills a deep sense of trust from our builders’ clients who rely on our expertise and reputation to create the home of their dreams. The blueprint created by Art reminds us to continue to embrace innovation while staying true to our core values of doing what is right. We combine our time-honored traditions with cutting-edge technologies and emerging trend to create homes that surpass expectations.  

What are some recent accomplishments or successes that you have implemented since joining AR Homes®?  

Since joining AR Homes® one accomplishment I am very proud of is the implementation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This milestone reflects our commitment to our employees and fosters a culture of ownership, collaboration, and shared success. By granting our team members stake in the company’s future, we continue to ignite their passion and encourage the delivery of exceptional results. The ESOP marks a pivotal moment in our journey that every member of our team is invested in the success of our builders and the continued growth of our company.  

What are the future trends you are seeing in homebuilding? How is AR Homes® leading those trends and innovations? 

We understand that buyer’s aspirations are constantly evolving. To meet those evolving needs, we lead the way in incorporating technology and personal engagement throughout the homebuilding process. By embracing virtual 3D designs, interactive design tools, and immersive experiences in partnership with the personalized design sessions by our team of designers, we empower our clients to envision and customize their dream homes. Our builders are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience that aligns with consumer expectations in the digital age.  

How do you see the homebuilding industry evolving over the next 5-10 years? 

The future holds exciting prospects for the homebuilding industry. Home building is the last hand-built product crafted by hundreds of craftsmen and designed to function for over 100 years. The precision and infusion of technology that propelled other significant lifestyle industries – automotive and telecommunications – is beginning to transform housing for the better. Technology advancements focused on personal engagement and new construction methods will transform the way homes are designed, built, and experienced. AR Homes® is committed to staying at the forefront of this transformation, ensuring that our builders and homeowners can configure and interact with their homes in ways that were once unimaginable.