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Building Your Legacy: Luxury Homes Designed for Multigenerational Living

Over the last twenty years, family dynamics have shifted dramatically. In fact, according to Pew Research Center, “Americans in their 50s (59%) and those 60 and older (83%) are sandwiched between an aging parent and an adult child they have helped financially.”

Having a multigenerational home that allows for a suite, casita, or wing of the home enables aging parents or young adults to have freedom and privacy with the added benefit of homeowners able to provide additional care, if needed. 

Beginning to see the need for multigenerational homes in the late 2000s, AR Homes® created luxury home designs specifically suited to preserve boundaries and a sense of independence for the homeowners and all the generations housed under one roof. The design of the home pays particular attention to lifestyle needs to build a custom solution catered to the people who live there.

“The key to ensuring this is a multigenerational home — not just a guest space — is to create an exterior entrance to the living space maintaining privacy and independence for residents to come and go as they please.” says Mario Vitorino, Chief Creative Officer for AR Franchising, Inc., “The addition of amenities including appliances and even a one-car garage add to the feel of independent living for aging parents or returning adult children.”

The goal of a multi-generational home is to create a space that caters to all its occupants by providing a balance of private and co-living spaces. With AR Homes®, all multigenerational floorplans feature a dedicated bedroom, living space, kitchenette, and private entrances, but based on the lifestyles of those living there, additional customizations are created.

Examples include:

  • A separate one-car garage in addition to the main home’s two- or three-car garage, is perfect for the on-the-go residents.
  • For those who love to garden or enjoy sipping tea in the sunshine, a special courtyard can be added providing a private oasis away from the rest of the outdoor living space.
  • Even a dedicated workspace for hobby carpenters or a band room for the up-and-coming musician can be included in the home’s design.

These customizations create a home — not just a house. The special touches provided by AR Homes® and their dedicated design team create an oasis where multiple generations want to be together and can live harmoniously for years to come.