Beyond the Walls: Designing Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces

According to a recent survey with architects, designers, builders conducted by the New Home Trends Institute (NHTI) in collaboration with Pro Builder, 58% of respondents said connection to the outdoors and nature will be an important influence on future design trends.

The trends move beyond just a lush yard. Homeowners are now in search of a custom approach suited to their needs, and prefer their outdoor spaces mirror the design and functionality found inside their home.

The reimagined outdoor sanctuaries feature fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, pools, spas, and even saunas and plunge pools. The functionality of these outdoor havens increases the livable space beyond the interior of the home providing a relaxing respite from daily life, a multi-season space for entertaining, and a setting to enjoy outdoor activities.

Creating thoughtful ways to incorporate modern outdoor living spaces that blur the line between interior and exterior is the primary focus for AR Homes® builders. From ensuring seamless and integrated design between the indoors and out, to meeting the contemporary amenity needs of homeowners, the design of these outdoor oases has become increasingly complex, pushing the creativity and innovation of custom home builders.

As homeowners design their custom home with an AR Homes® builder, consider the outdoor living space as part of the home with features such as:

Seamless Transitional Spaces

Elevating the home’s transitional spaces, outdoor living areas are designed to visually maximize the backyard and present a unique place for relaxation and entertainment. Creating the illusion of seamlessness, AR Homes® floor plans feature floor-to-ceiling sliding or folding glass doors between the main living area and outdoor living space to visually maximize the backyard, present beautiful sight lines, and offer scenic backyard views.

AR Homes® outdoor living spaces include many sophisticated design features such as a built-in kitchen complete with a grill, wine fridge and designer finishings, making it an ideal space for both elevated gatherings and casual family get-togethers. 

Integrating Natural Elements into Design

By incorporating natural materials such as stone, marble, porcelain, and sandstone, alongside softer accents such as teak walls or exposed wooden beams, AR Homes® brings a delicate and thoughtful balance to the outdoor living space. Studies have shown that utilizing natural materials mimics the calming effects of being in nature, benefiting both the lifestyle and mindset of homeowners.

“I enjoy the juxtaposition of natural elements with modern design to provide a level of softness to the space,” says Mario Vitorino, chief creative officer for AR Franchising, Inc. “The curation creates a sense of balance and evokes Japandi, a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian design focused on bringing natural elements, clean lines, comfort, and Zen-like feelings to a space.”

Building beyond a Standard Pool

The popular backyard pool has undergone a significant modern transformation, with contemporary designs and clean lines complementing the home’s overall design and evoking a sense of visual balance. These new features include a variety of waterfall features, multilevel sun shelves, and tile surrounds, delivering an aesthetically pleasing environment in which to enjoy a connection with nature.

Presenting another fusion with nature is one of AR Homes®’ newly introduced design elements, the poolside sunken conversation pit. Homeowners can enjoy evenings under the stars, delight in the warm glow of the built-in fireplace, or activate the space’s LED lighting options to set a playful mood.

Outdoor living spaces by AR Homes® not only reimagine the homeowner’s connection with nature but enhance familial connection through beautiful designs, innovative features, and lifestyle-enhancing amenities. Presenting an ideal balance of form and function, AR Homes® outdoor spaces are thoughtfully designed to maximize livability and inspire a deeper connection between nature and loved ones.