AR Homes® Indianapolis (Christopher Scott Investments, Inc.) Wins 2023 Builder of the Year 

We are pleased to announce AR Homes® Indianapolis (Christopher Scott Investments, Inc) is the recipient of the 2023 Builder of the Year Award. 

Each year, at our Pride in Partnership Event, we come together to honor and commend the achievements of our esteemed franchisees and vendor partners. The highlight of our Awards Gala is the announcement of the prestigious “Builder of the Year” accolade, which recognizes exceptional leadership, outstanding accomplishments, customer satisfaction, and a strong commitment to aiding others. It is with immense pride that we present this year’s deserving recipient, AR Homes® Indianapolis (Christopher Scott Investments, Inc), as they wholeheartedly embody these remarkable qualities. Their dedication, success, and focus on customer satisfaction have truly set them apart, making them a shining example within our franchise network. 

Founded in 2002, Christopher Scott Homes quickly established itself as a prominent custom home builder in the Indianapolis region. After a decade of success, they made the pivotal move to become AR Homes® franchise and asked Dan Hayes to join their team as Building Company President. With the integration of AR Homes®, the team embarked on a new chapter, crafting unique custom luxury homes throughout the Indianapolis area. 

Scott Bates explains their decision to become an AR Homes® franchisee, stating, “We made the choice to join the AR Homes® franchise to provide a distinctive and streamlined approach to custom homebuilding. This was a significant factor for us, setting us apart from our competitors. The uniqueness of our process was a key aspect that resonated with us and ultimately guided our decision.” 

Dan Hayes attributes their success to the cohesive strength of their team, stating, “Our success stems from the collective efforts of our team. Throughout the past six and a half years, we have diligently assembled the various components that form an exceptional team. Each team member plays a crucial role and contributes their expertise. We foster an environment of trust and empowerment, granting every individual the autonomy and support needed to excel in their respective responsibilities.  Together, we are driven by one shared goal which is to offer an elite level of service and build a beautiful custom home.” 

The talented team at AR Homes® Indianapolis (Christopher Scott Investments, Inc) is driven by their deep dedication to their craft and firmly believes that passion is the ultimate catalyst for attaining excellence on behalf of their valued clients. Their unwavering commitment extends beyond simply constructing exceptional homes; they strive to cultivate lasting connections with their clients, fostering relationships that endure a lifetime. 

AR Homes® Indianapolis (Christopher Scott Investments, Inc) continues its fine tradition of building and offers award-winning designs, outstanding construction standards, and a proven, streamlined process for our clients that brings efficiency and ease to the custom home building experience. Begin your superior custom home building experience in one of central Indiana’s premier communities or on your lot today.