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March 2024

Houseplants Refresh Your Interior Spaces

Spring can be an excellent time to refresh your interior spaces and bring some nature inside with indoor plants, which don’t just look good but make us feel good, too. Houseplants have many benefits, including boosting mood, concentration, and productivity; reducing stress and promoting calmness; cleaning indoor air by absorbing toxins; and adding life to sterile places. See below for two articles from Houzz with great advice on choosing the best indoor plants and their benefits.

10 Large, Dramatic Houseplants to Beautify Your Home

Houzz Article by Marianne Lipanovich

Houseplants can do a lot to enhance and beautify a space, whether they fill a corner, create a focal point or add some natural flora. Rather than using a mix of smaller houseplants, consider choosing one of these 10 stately specimens to anchor your design.

10 Houseplants That Are at Home in a Kitchen

Houzz Article by Marianne Lipanovich

Plants bring natural beauty to kitchens. They also can soften hard lines and add a dash of color and greenery. These 10 resilient choices make great kitchen houseplants, as they’re able to stand up to heat and varying temperatures while also evoking a sense of calm and serenity.

Behind the Scenes

Check out these stunning aerial shots showcasing the latest progress of this private home currently under construction with AR Homes® Punta Gorda.

Sherwin-Williams' Color of the Month for March 2024: ROYCROFT BRONZE GREEN - SW 2846

Find renewal with a rejuvenating dark green. A rich hue like Roycroft Bronze Green evokes the tranquil atmosphere of a deep, shaded forest.


Click below to read the full article from TINTED: A Blog by Sherwin-Williams to find inspiration and discover more about Roycroft Bronze Green, along with coordinating colors and style influences.

25 Kitchen Islands That Think Outside the Box

Houzz Article by Suzanne Ennis

The typical built-in kitchen island has a base that resembles a box with a flat, rectangular countertop that either fits, cantilevers from or waterfalls over it. But while that simple shape works for many layouts (and budgets), some kitchens call for more distinctive designs.

Click below to read the full article from Houzz, an inspiration hub for interior designers, remodelers, contractors, dealers, and homeowners.

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