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Creative Ideas for Coffee & Beverage Stations

No matter the footprint of your home, if you are a coffee and/or tea lover, there are many benefits to being your own at-home barista. There is no standing in long lines or waiting in the drive-thru. Your morning can be less rushed, and your quiet time is all your own. Instead of standing in a coffee shop staring at a menu trying to decipher drink names and what’s in them, you can take your time in your kitchen, conveniently stocked with your favorite brewed beverages and flavors, deciding what you’re in the mood for.

While the initial investment in an at-home coffee station may seem substantial, the potential for long-term cost savings is significant when compared to the daily expense of visiting a high-priced coffee shop.

And if your work office is at home, why shouldn’t the coffee shop be at home too?

Click on the articles below to get inspired to set up your own personalized coffee and beverage station at home. If you already have one, you may find a new idea or two to enhance your at-home experience further!

12 Creative Coffee and Beverage Stations

By Jeannie Matteucci on

Integrated coffee and beverage stations are a popular feature for kitchens. These drink hubs keep supplies readily available to family members and guests so they can fix a coffee or cocktail without getting in the way of a cook in the main kitchen area. For inspiration on effective storage solutions, smart layouts and stylish looks, check out this collection of 12 creative kitchen coffee and beverage stations.

38 Modern Coffee Bar Ideas to Channel Your Favorite Café at Home

By Hadley Mendelsohn and Kate McGregor on

Whether you use an espresso machine, Aeropress, or family-size pot, your daily coffee ritual is sacred and highly personal. Your kitchen needs a designated place for your favorite moment of the morning, when you pour yourself a cup (or three). The best coffee bar ideas make room for your preferred brewing machine and give you plenty storage space for beans, mugs, and additional fixings—and it doesn’t have to be elaborate to do the job well.

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