On March 29, 2023 AR Homes® Houston (Royal Design Build, LLC) Franchise Owner, Matthew Reibenstein and his fellow Texas builders, developers and remodelers from across the state converged on Austin for Texas Association of Builders’ (TAB) Rally Day. The goal: to make their voices heard when it comes to rising housing affordability for Texans. During this advocacy event, members provided legislators with briefing materials on pressing legislative issues affecting the residential, construction and development industry in our state. With these efforts, TAB is working diligently towards an outcome that benefits all stakeholders.

What is Rally Day & Texas Assoc. of Builders (TAB)  

Rally Day is an exciting event for members of the Texas Association of Builders (TAB), where they come together to meet with lawmakers and advocate for the homebuilding industry. This event is an important opportunity for TAB members to discuss current legislative issues that may impact their businesses and learn how to navigate important policy decisions. Through organized meetings with state officials, Rally Day offers a unique chance for TAB members to make their voices heard in the state capital. As an organization committed to advocating for the homebuilding industry, TAB plays a crucial role in shaping the future of construction in Texas. 


Overview of Texas Assoc of Builder's Advocacy & Action Center 

The Texas Association of Builders’ Advocacy and Action Center is a powerful force for change in the Lone Star State. This organization is committed to promoting policies that support and enhance the building industry, empowering builders and contractors to create safe, affordable homes for Texans from all walks of life. With a focus on advocacy and education, the Advocacy and Action Center works tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve on issues that matter to Texans. Whether it’s working to protect property rights or advocating for policies that support job creation and business growth, the Advocacy and Action Center is a valuable resource for builders, developers, and contractors who want to make a difference in their communities. Thanks to the dedication of its staff and members, the Texas Association of Builders’ Advocacy and Action Center is helping to shape the future of Texas for the better. 

TAB Meets with Legislators to Address Affordable Housing Concerns  

The Texas Association of Builders recently met with legislators to discuss the growing concerns surrounding affordable housing. As inflation continues to rise, overregulation stifles development opportunities, and a lack of skilled trade workers and supply chain issues plague the building industry, it’s more important than ever to find effective solutions to address this issue.  

Matthew said, “Texans are facing a housing affordability crisis that really hasn’t ever been seen before. People often move to Texas BECAUSE they can get better options for a lower cost. Recently, inflation, over regulation, lack of trade workers, supply chain issues and now rising interest rates have collided and pressed some of the hardest working families.” 

“The government has their hands in a lot of this and it’s time we stand up to ensure our concerns are expressed. I am blessed to be in a position within this industry that affords me the ability to meet with our state reps and legislators to drive home these concerns. I am simply doing my part to help keep housing affordable for ALL Texans!” 

Matthew R., Franchise Owner, AR Homes® Houston (Royal Design Build, LLC)

The meeting was a positive step forward, as both parties expressed a willingness to work together and explore innovative ideas to make housing more affordable for all Texans. Despite the challenges we face, there is reason to be optimistic about the future of affordable housing in Texas.  

Highlighting Industry Trends & Factors Impacting Affordability  

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the modern world, one thing remains constant: the importance of staying informed on industry trends and the factors that impact affordability. It is through this understanding that we are able to adapt and grow, staying one step ahead of the competition. Despite the challenges we face, we remain optimistic and committed to finding innovative solutions that will continue to drive progress and propel us towards a brighter future. Through education, collaboration, and a willingness to embrace change, we can conquer any obstacle and come out stronger on the other side. 

Addressing the Impacts of Rising Land Costs & Labor Shortages in Texas 

As Texas’ population continues to grow, the effects of rising land costs and labor shortages are becoming increasingly apparent. However, with innovative solutions and a positive outlook, these challenges can be overcome. Encouraging investment in affordable housing and increasing access to vocational education and training programs can help alleviate labor shortages. Additionally, the adoption of new technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence can streamline processes and increase efficiency. While these challenges are not insignificant, they are not insurmountable either. With collaboration and determination, we can create a brighter future for Texas. 

Presenting Remedies & Recommendations to Legislators 

As we present our remedies and recommendations to legislators, let us maintain an optimistic and formal tone. This is an opportunity to influence policies and make positive changes for our communities. We should communicate with confidence and clarity, providing evidence and facts to support our proposals. It is essential to emphasize the significance of our suggestions and the impact they can have on our society. By taking a proactive approach and engaging with lawmakers, we can help shape the future and create a better world. Let us embrace this chance to effect change and offer viable solutions that benefit us all.

Build Your Custom Dream Home with a Texas Builder Who Cares 

Rally Day is an incredible example of the power of collective action. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of TAB members, advocates, allies, partner organizations and legislators, we have a better understanding of how to address the challenges that impact Texas’s residential construction, remodeling and development industry. The TAB Advocacy and Action Center has shown that tackling policy issues is possible with determination and incremental progress. Through Rally Day, the importance of reaching out to elected leaders – from city council members to state legislators – cannot be underestimated. So if you are ready to build your custom dream home with a builder that’s on the frontlines of solving the industries set backs with efficiency in cost and time — contact us today!