Frequently Asked Questions

What makes AR Homes® different from other builders?

We are proud to be a true custom home builder, offering a vast selection of plans. Whether you prefer to start with one of our meticulously designed plans or embark on the journey of designing a home completely from scratch, our talented architectural team will bring your vision to life using our state-of-the-art Revit software. This cutting-edge technology not only ensures precise execution but also enables us to seamlessly integrate solar and site analysis into the design process, crafting a home that perfectly blends sophistication with sustainability.

AR Homes® conducts a thorough solar analysis of your site. We take into account essential factors such as sun exposure, shading, and orientation. By harnessing the power of the sun, we maximize natural light, and your overall comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

In addition to solar analysis, our detailed site analysis ensures that your custom-built AR Home seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. Our team examines elements such as topography, soil conditions, and the natural landscape. This meticulous evaluation allows us to create a home that not only celebrates your individuality but also respects and enhances the unique character of your site. The result is a harmonious fusion between your dream home and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

At AR Homes, we understand the concerns that can arise when building a custom home – particularly when it comes to budgeting. It’s not uncommon that other builders impose arbitrary allowances that make up approximately 30% of the budget, often resulting in clients exceeding their budget by as much as 10%. But at AR Homes, we approach things differently.

Our luxury custom home building process operates on a foundation of transparency, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind throughout the journey. We are proud to be a fixed cost builder, meaning that we provide clear and concise pricing from the start. Unlike other builders, we ensure that allowances are minimal, typically accounting for approximately 5% or less of the total cost of the home.

We believe in the power of honesty and clarity when it comes to your dream home. That's why, at AR Homes, we take the time to thoroughly understand your vision, desires, and budgetary requirements, so we can tailor our services to your unique needs. Our commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction extends to every aspect of the home-building process, including financial transparency.

At AR Homes, we understand the importance of precise planning when it comes to creating your dream home. That's why we take a strategic approach to estimating costs, ensuring that you have complete clarity and transparency from the very beginning of the design phase.

Our meticulous planning extends to considering the costs of any modifications even before we enter the design phase. By doing this, we can establish a solid budget upfront, factoring in site-specific costs and any necessary adjustments. We take into account lot condition – including foundation costs, retaining walls, if necessary, driveway adjustments, and tree clearing – as well as significant design changes. Our commitment to precision allows you to explore your vision with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your investment is being catered to with extraordinary consideration.

At AR Homes, we have our own exclusive design studio, staffed with visionary interior designers who understand the essence of your unique taste and style. Through collaborative sessions in our studio, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the selection process, working closely with our designer to curate every aspect of your dream home.

To ensure that your selections are streamlined and cohesive, we use sophisticated platforms like Pinterest and Houzz. These tools allow our designer to study your design preferences in advance, ensuring that your experience is flawlessly tailored and personalized down to the last detail. We will take your actual selections and use them in the 3D animation of your home, presenting you with a stunning visual representation that reflects your personal style.

Your selections and inspirations will be seamlessly shared and organized on your own Pinterest board, providing a quick reference point for both you and our team. This streamlined communication ensures that we understand your vision and can work together to create a custom-crafted home that is a true reflection of your personal style.

We believe in providing our clients with the utmost convenience and transparency throughout the build process. That's why we offer a personalized customer portal, granting you exclusive access to a continuously updated job schedule, a comprehensive statement of accounts, a link to your Pinterest board, and a multitude of other essential documents related to your build. Stay connected and informed every step of the way, as we transform your vision into an architectural masterpiece.

Budget / Pricing

At AR Homes®, we understand the importance of accurate budgeting when embarking on the journey of creating your custom home. That’s why we provide a starting price point for each plan in our library providing you with the groundwork needed to customize a plan that’s perfect for your lifestyle and budget. Additionally, we proudly offer a comprehensive quoting process, allowing us to efficiently determine the pricing of your entire home – right down to the exquisite details, like the model number of the door handles.

We strive for complete transparency in our pricing, leaving no room for variable allowances or hidden surprises. With AR Homes®, you can trust that the pricing you receive is fully transparent, aiding in the seamless progression of the building process. Our commitment to clarity brings our valued customers the ultimate peace of mind.

Construction / Timeline

At AR Homes no two custom homes are alike. As a result, the construction timelines for these luxury homes can vary widely from project to project. Custom homes require meticulous attention to detail, embracing unique floor plan designs and incorporating bespoke elements. These factors traditionally can contribute to a longer construction process, one that is rich in artistry and unmatched in its dedication to personalized luxury.

It is essential to appreciate the various phases that shape the construction timeline. The process begins with design customization, where your unique preferences and ideas are carefully integrated. This is followed by meticulous site permitting and preparation, ensuring that all necessary approvals and groundwork are in place. Finally, the intricate process of construction unfolds, with a fervent focus on bringing your custom home to life.

At every stage of the process, we are committed to transparency and keeping you informed. The construction process and timelines will be shared and communicated with you throughout, ensuring that you are always aware of the progress being made on your dream home. Our goal is to create an open and collaborative relationship, where you can actively participate and witness the transformation of your vision into a reality.

Design / Customization / Floor Plan

At AR Homes®, we understand that your dream home deserves to be just that – your dream home. It is imperative that every aspect of your new residence is personalized to match your unique style and preferences, and that includes the plans themselves.

We offer a wide range of customizable home plans, and our experienced team is more than happy to collaborate with you to personalize any aspect of your selected plan or even start your design from scratch. Our commitment to crafting unique custom homes underscores our willingness to accommodate your specific needs.

From adding additional square footage to altering existing features, our team is here to help you create a home that is truly one-of-a-kind. We believe that the homebuilding process should be as unique as the homes themselves, ensuring that your dream home is tailored to meet your every desire.

Our experienced team values transparency and clear communication throughout the entire custom home building process. We pledge to work with you every step of the way, customizing plans, and designs to ensure a result that entirely captures your vision.

Embrace your inner creativity and dive into the custom design process, where the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Trust in AR Homes® to craft a unique custom dream home, personalized to your exacting specifications.

When it comes to crafting your dream home, we understand that every detail matters. You may be wondering if hiring an architect or designer is necessary or if there is a simpler way to bring your vision to life. At AR Homes®, we take great pride in offering a seamless and comprehensive experience, including the expertise of our talented architectural design team and our state-of-the-art 3D technology.

At AR Homes®, we believe in the power of collaboration and the ease of having everything under one roof. With our architectural design team and innovative technology, we eliminate the need to seek external professionals, streamlining the design process while maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship and personalized luxury.

In addition to our team of experts, we leverage cutting-edge 3D technology to provide you with an immersive and detailed virtual experience. Our advanced technology allows you to visualize your custom home plans, exploring every corner and envisioning the fine details before construction even begins. This unparalleled tool provides you with the opportunity to make informed decisions, ensuring that your custom design plan meets your vision.

Led by our talented and experienced Interior Design team, your custom home design journey will be infused with a commitment to refined elegance and timeless appeal. Our designers possess an innate understanding of the interplay between space, color, texture, and form, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered.

With their meticulous attention to detail, our Interior Design team takes your aspirations and transforms them into a bespoke living space that reflects your unique style. They understand that the magic is in the small things – the selection of materials, the placement of furniture, the artful play of light – all meticulously orchestrated to create a harmonious and luxurious ambiance.

Your custom home will not only be a testament to our craftsmanship but a reflection of your individuality. Our skilled designers weave together the threads of your vision, integrating personalized touches that make your home truly one-of-a-kind.

Designing your custom home with AR Homes® is a seamless process that begins with inspiration. Visit our website to explore a wide array of floor plans, 3D visualizations, and model tours. Discover the innovative design, meticulous craftsmanship, and attention to detail that define the AR Homes® brand.

Experience the possibilities firsthand by visiting our fully furnished model homes, where residential and interior design styles await your exploration. Immerse yourself in the finer details, envisioning the unique character of your dream home.

When you're ready to customize, our exceptional residential design team will collaborate with you to create a custom plan. Choose from our renowned collection of award-winning designs or start fresh, combining elements and developing one-of-a-kind features that reflect your individuality.

Discover the art of personalization and let AR Homes® simplify your custom home journey. From inspiration to customization, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Homesite / Lot / Land

We understand that finding the ideal piece of land for your dream home can be a daunting task. That’s why our team of experts is here to assist you in navigating the real estate market to find the perfect plot of land for your custom-built home.

Our sales team has established relationships with a wide array of real estate professionals, allowing us to assist you in finding the ideal property or community in which to build your new home. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your custom-built home aligns with your unique vision and lifestyle.

What are the advantages of building a custom home?

Building a custom home with AR Homes® offers numerous advantages, from unmatched personalization options to a seamless fusion of beauty and functionality. Discover the essence of custom luxury:

A custom home guarantees no surprises. From the onset, you'll know exactly what to expect, as our meticulous process guides you through every decision – from kitchen orientation to outdoor finishes. Every nuance is considered, creating a harmonious space perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.

AR Homes® embodies a rich legacy of craftsmanship and personalized luxury. Each custom-built masterpiece is created with enduring quality and beauty in mind, leaving an indelible mark on future generations.

Indulge in the advantages of a custom home – where your dreams take center stage, and meticulous craftsmanship creates a sanctuary uniquely tailored to your taste and aspiration