Frequently Asked Questions

Budget / Pricing

Backed by a comprehensive quoting process, AR Homes® Amelia Island (Plantation Housing Corp.) can efficiently price a customer’s entire home, including detailed descriptions of all items down to the model number of the door handles. Customers are given fully transparent pricing without secret allowances or hidden surprises, aiding to streamline the building process, and bring customers peace of mind.

Each home design includes a number of features, some more expensive than others. As the design and plans are being developed, we also prepare a detailed quote of the build. This is used to determine initial estimates which can be modified by selections a client chooses.
As an example:
We normally include GE Profile or Monogram appliances in our builds however, some buyers choose to upgrade to Thermador or other higher end offerings.

Design / Customization / Floor Plan

Searching for the right design and builder may seem a daunting task at first, but AR Homes® has simplified the process. Customers can find inspiration online at ARHomes.com and browse floor plan designs along with 3D visualizations and model tours. The website provides in-depth information, allowing customers to explore open models and search for a home design based on several factors, including building location, square footage, layout, features, and more.

Whether they’ve chosen from the extensive AR Homes® Amelia Island (Plantation Housing Corp.) collection of award-winning designs to serve as a foundation or opted to start their new floor plan from scratch, the residential design team will create a personalized floor plan in a matter of days. From combining elements from multiple floor plans to developing one-of-a-kind features, the possibilities are endless.

We facilitate the evaluation of home-sites by reviewing community and building code requirements for setbacks, elevation versus flood plain and exterior elevation requirements. Once all of these factors are considered we look for plans that have the dimensions required to fit the home-site and still offer the features desired for each customers lifestyle.

Homesite / Lot / Land

We are the franchise for AR Homes® for all of Nassau County which includes Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, the incorporated town that is approximately one half of Amelia Island.

We do not develop communities or build spec/inventory homes. We have a model home open for viewing to establish quality and finish guidance to prospective customers. We build on your lot in Nassau County, FL

At AR Homes® Amelia Island (Plantation Housing Corp.), we are delighted to guide you in discovering the perfect property or community to create your exquisite new home. We possess unparalleled knowledge of the area, coupled with longstanding partnerships with a diverse group of real estate professionals. With our support, you will find an extraordinary parcel of land that perfectly aligns with your desires and requirements.

Construction / Timeline

There are numerous steps involved in building a new home including the following:
Preparation of plans including floor plans, exterior elevations, structural and truss engineering and site plans, approval from communities with HOA’s, permitting, lot preparation (clearing, grading, tree removal, filling), foundation installation and then construction.
AR Homes® Amelia Island (Plantation Housing Corp.) will guide the process for you.

No two custom home are completely alike, leading to varying construction timelines per project. Custom homes often take longer to build than spec homes, as they contain unique floor plan designs with more intricacies and custom products. As the process includes design customization, site permitting and preparation, plus construction time, there are many factors to consider. However, once you’ve determined your custom home design, features, finishes, and homesite, AR Homes® Amelia Island (Plantation Housing Corp.) will provide up-to-date schedules with utmost transparency, giving you a more accurate final construction timeline.

In general it can take from 18-24 months from inception to completion of construction. The actual build time from clearing to finished home averages 14-18 months depending on complexity and size of the project.

Each build is assigned to a superintendent that will manage the job from start to completion and provide coordination for all the various trades involved in new construction. The superintendent is the homeowners primary contact and will be provide updates during the construction progress. Frequent meetings and/or zoom calls are used for decision making and information discussions with homeowners whether locally located or living elsewhere.

Custom / Why Build Custom?

There are numerous advantages to building a custom home, starting with the wide array of personalization options at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a specific floor plan configuration, desire more distinctive materials or finishes, or want to maximize the views of your lot, the design professionals at AR Homes® Amelia Island (Plantation Housing Corp.) can adapt one of our award-winning home designs or completely start from scratch.

By creating a custom home that is designed for your lifestyle, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting from the onset with no hidden surprises. The process will take you through every major decision, from the orientation of your kitchen to the stone finish of your outdoor living space, and everything in between. You can ensure your space is the right balance of beauty and functionality with every nuance considered with your lifestyle in mind.

AR Homes® Difference / Why AR Homes?

With a reputation for impeccable design, inspired customization options, and unparalleled customer service, AR Homes® Amelia Island (Plantation Housing Corp.) is the leading choice for discerning homebuyers. From our award-winning collection of floor plan designs to our stunning model homes and Personalized Floor Plans, we’ve refined a process that allows customers to efficiently design and build a home that is functional, beautiful, and customized in every way desired. AR Homes® Amelia Island (Plantation Housing Corp.) takes great pride in its leading partnerships, aligning with the finest brands in the business to ensure exceptional craftsmanship, cost effectiveness, and preferred access to leading building products. From the moment a customer begins to visualize their new home to the day they’re handed their new keys, AR Homes® Amelia Island (Plantation Housing Corp.) provides an exceptional new-home experience.