Bringing your dream to reality requires a homebuilder that possesses extraordinary levels of skill, imagination, experience, and service. These are the qualities that set Luminous Custom Homes apart.

Our Builders

For franchisee Ann Tran, building is in her blood. As a six year-old, she tagged along to work with her father, an architect in Vietnam. Years later in the U.S., she became a real estate broker, buying and remodeling dozens of homes before returning to school for her MBA.

Ann met her future business partner/company president Matthew Giardina while he was also enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Houston. With his prior experience as a construction manager and several years practicing architecture, the two found that their skill sets were quite complementary and a business was born.

The company serves Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery counties and Matthew is a member of the Greater Houston Builders Association and American Institute of Architects. Of all the beautiful homes they’ve built, Matthew has a favorite. “I built a wicked playhouse in the backyard for the kids.

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